Energy-mix Scenarios for Bolivia

Energy-mix Scenarios for Bolivia
Año : 2014
Autor/es : Javier Aliaga Lordemann, Alejandro Herrera Jiménez
Descargar :

Nowadays the Bolivian energy-mix is misbalanced due to the primary production of energy, which is focused in gaseous hydrocarbons, whereas the consumption is intensive in liquid hydrocarbons. At the same time the Bolivian electric system is mainly thermo, while the country present high hydro potential. In this framework this document makes reference to the trending evolution of the Bolivian energy-mix and proposes a mitigation scenarios based on the a) reduction of liquid hydrocarbons consumption; b) and introduction of renewable energies an energy efficiency measures in the electric system. Methodologically, the construction of such scenarios is developed by a bottom-up simulation for the time span 2007-2025. We based our estimations on previous results we obtained in the project Renewable Energies Generation in South America (REGSA), founded by the European Union.

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